Welcome to the musician side of my life, I'm glad you dropped by.  I play covers and originals, with either a direct or indirect influence of jazz.  But a more direct way to define it, is that I play stuff that moves me and my audience.  So I play jazz, swing standards and classic pop rock stuff, and depending on the engagement, the song choices ranges from making you want to get out of your chair and dance, to being a soundscape for your event.  

Someone once exclaimed, "Can't you play just the written notes?"  and I thought, "not without a lot of effort and a loss of some of the feeling inside that drives me."   You'll hear it when you listen, as I capture material you are likely familiar with, but in a creative in the moment rendition using my vocals, the keyboard, sax, trombone, flugelhorn and some great backing tracks. 

You'll get a feel for what I enjoy doing in the track below and the video section.  Hope to hear from you.

Contact Info:  

Rodney Brim  
Ph. 541 813-9173  
Email. rb@rodneybrim.com

Rodney definitely entertains with his one-man band, featuring sax, keyboard, trombone, flugelhorn and awesome vocals. I've seen him more than a dozen times and his smooth jazz and favorite covers never get old.”

— Kathy Kelly